Scoot ”Hawaii Travel Sale” Oct 4, 2017.

Scoot enters service newly in Osaka⇔ Hawaii line from December 19, 2017.
In addition, the Osaka ⇔ Singapore route currently operated by flight will also operate direct flights from 20th December.
To celebrate this, “Hawaii Travel Sale” is being held from October 4th today.

・The target route and fare
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Hawaii / Honolulu 18,800 JPY〜
Osaka(Kansai) ⇔ Singapore 18,800 JPY〜
※Round trip
※A fuel surcharge includes it

Sale period: Ocr 4, 2017. ー Ocr 8, 2017.
Travel period: Dec 19, 2017 – Oct 28 2018.

Scoot will be in service the popular Hawaii line.
Currently, this route is operated by AirAsia in LCC.
Probably the number of LCC international lines in Osaka is No.1 in Japan.