Kansai International Airport installed Self – service Pocket Change machine

Kansai International Airport (Osaka) announces that a new money exchange service will be available on Tuesday, October 3 , 2017.
Self – service Pocket Change machines convert leftover foreign bills and coins into e – money, gift codes or coupons.

At Kansai International Airport foreign travelers are currently using their leftover travel money at facilities or service counters such as banks, foreign currency exchange counters, food & beverage or retail shops, or capsule vending machine Gacha. The new service, to be added to these facilities, will further expand travelers’ choices in using Japanese coins at the airport.

Payout currencies:USD, EUR, CNY, KRW, JPY
Conversion options:Rakuten Edy, WAON, Amazon gift cards, LINE gift codes, iTunes, WeChat, LINE gift codes(Taiwan), Rakuten super point(Only for Taiwan Rakuten Market), Domino’s Pizza gift card, Target eGiftCard, Viber, unicef, donations to JCV( Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children)or PLAN International, etc.

How to use the kiosk
1. Select a language. Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
2. Choose a conversion option according to your country of residence or travel destination.
3. Insert foreign coins (max 20 coins per insert, up to 100 coins for one transaction)or bills in each slot.
4. Confirm the conversion option and receive exchanged money. For IC cards, charge the card with the payout money. For gift cards or coupons, follow the instructions written on the receipt.


Terminal 1 International Gate area and Terminal 1 International departure floor.
Two in each area, a total of four.