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  • Daily stay cost in Japan

    The cost of staying in Japan per day is about 20,000 JPY per person.     ・Accommodation fee The average hotel room cost is about 12,000 JPY. It’s common for meals not to be included in hotel stays, and even…

  • Japan’s cherry blossom front in 2024

    Cherry blossoms bloom earlier in warmer southern regions and later in colder northern regions.   The cherry blossoms bloom for about 10 days to 2 weeks. Therefore, you can see beautiful cherry blossoms for about a week before and after…

  • Recommended Japanese taxi app

    I want Uber service in Japan.   There are no private taxi services in Japan, so you will need to use public taxis. If you want to take a taxi, you can hail one on the street or book one…

  • How to use an electronic bidet

    It’s easy to operate. Just wash and stop.   In Japan, it’s called “Washlet”, but in English it’s called electronic bidet or bidet-toilet, right? Electronic bidets began to become popular in Japan about 40 years ago, and are now used…

  • Good value for money way to get from Narita Airport to central Tokyo

    It’s a bus.   Do you know? Narita Airport is described as an airport in Tokyo, but it is actually located in Chiba Prefecture, a neighboring prefecture. Therefore, it is quite far from central Tokyo.     There is a…

  • Why is the quantity of SOBA(buckwheat noodles)so small?

    If you eat seriously, you’ll finish the meal in four bites.   The amount of soba eaten at a soba restaurant is small. It won’t fill you up.   The reason why the quantity is so small is a remnant…

  • Japanese hotel toiletries

    Hotel toiletries differ depending on the country.     Compared to other countries, I think Japanese hotels have more toiletries. Of course, this varies by hotel, but the following are generally available.   – Toothbrush – Razor – Comb –…

  • ZIPAIR will start flying between Tokyo and Vancouver from March 13, 2024

    ZIPAIR, Japan’s budget airline, will launch flights between Tokyo (Narita) and Vancouver (Canada) from March 13, 2024. Flight tickets are already on sale. “ZIPAIR” is a subsidiary of Japan’s major airline, JAL. It operates medium and long-haul international flights.  …

  • Manners when bathing in hot springs

    There are some manners when using hot springs.     In the changing room, it is common to fold clothes and put them in a basket, and to put used towels in a special basket provided, but there are other…

  • SIM with phone number that can be picked up at the airport

    Having a phone number when traveling is a relief.   In Japan, there are very few SIMs for travelers that come with a phone number. It’s inconvenient. When it comes to those that can be picked up at the airport,…