How to use an electronic bidet

It’s easy to operate. Just wash and stop.


In Japan, it’s called “Washlet”, but in English it’s called electronic bidet or bidet-toilet, right?
Electronic bidets began to become popular in Japan about 40 years ago, and are now used in many households.

99% of Japanese hotels also have electronic bidet toilets. (I have never seen a hotel that is not electronic bidet.)
However, it is not often used in other countries, and it may be confusing to use it at first.



The features of electronic bidets vary depending on the manufacturer, and some have many features.
However, the basic operation is simple.
Just wash and stop.



Most electronic bidets have a “wash” button and a “stop” button as shown in the photo, and these two buttons are used.

Press the “WASH(おしり)” button to wash, then press the “STOP(止)” button.
The “ビデ” button is a women-only function.

Then wipe your bottom with toilet paper and flush.

When flushing, if the toilet has a lever, pull the lever toward you to flush, or if it doesn’t have one, press the flush button on the remote control.
There are two flush buttons “小” (for No. 1) and “大” (for No. 2), but you should only use the “大” (for No. 2).



Some electronic bidets have a remote control attached to the wall, while others have a remote control attached to the side of the toilet seat, and the operation is the same.

Some toilets have other functions such as temperature adjustment, water pressure adjustment, position adjustment, deodorization, air blowing, move washing and opening and closing of the toilet seat, but these functions can be ignored if you are using it while traveling.

I think there are people who are concerned about hygiene in places where many people use it, but the electronic bidet has a nozzle cleaning function, which is rinsed with water every time.


Lastly, I have to tell you something important about using the toilet.
In Japan, used toilet paper is flushed down the toilet.

Don’t throw away toilet paper outside.

This is true everywhere in Japan.
Be sure to put it in the toilet and flush it.
※Dispose of sanitary products in the sanitary box.

So, enjoy electronic bidet!