Daily stay cost in Japan

The cost of staying in Japan per day is about 20,000 JPY per person.



・Accommodation fee

The average hotel room cost is about 12,000 JPY.
It’s common for meals not to be included in hotel stays, and even if they do, they often only include breakfast.


・Cost of food

Meals such as tonkatsu, soba, and set meals range from 1,000 JPY to 1,500 JPY.
About 4,000 JPY per day.


・Cost of coffee break

Coffee is about 600 JPY and cake is 500 JPY.
The set price is about 1,000 JPY.


・Travel expenses

Train fare ranges from 150 JPY.
It’s about 1,000 JPY for transportation expenses per day even with traveling all day.

Bus fare ranges from 200 JPY.
Taxi costs 500 JPY per kilometer.


・Cost of drink

Mineral water costs 100 JPY for 500ml, soft drinks cost 150 JPY for 500ml, and beer costs 250 JPY for 350ml.

It’s about 1,000 JPY per day.


・Cost of snack

Potato chips are 160 JPY and chocolates are 150 JPY.



Total about 20,000 JPY.

Of course, if you stay at a high-class hotel or eat a high-class meal, the cost can increase several times over, while if you try to save money, it will be about half the cost.

This is just an average cost.