Japan’s cherry blossom front in 2024

Cherry blossoms bloom earlier in warmer southern regions and later in colder northern regions.


The cherry blossoms bloom for about 10 days to 2 weeks.
Therefore, you can see beautiful cherry blossoms for about a week before and after the cherry blossom front.


<<Japan’s cherry blossom front in 2024>>

※This is the forecast as of March 11, 2024.



There are various types of cherry blossoms in Japan, but the most famous is called “Somei Yoshino.”
“Somei Yoshino” is considered a native Japanese cherry blossom.

When it first blooms, it is pale red, and when it is in full bloom, it becomes almost white.
Personally, I think it’s my favorite cherry blossom and the most beautiful.



I love the cherry blossoms I see in Tokyo.
The contrast between artificial buildings and nature looks very attractive.


My favorite places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo are as follows.

1. Meguro River

Many cherry blossoms are planted along the Meguro River, and there are many shops around.
Meguro has many restaurants and stylish shops, and walking around the city is fun.


2. Chidorigafuchi Park

This is a park near the Imperial Palace.
There are approximately 170 cherry trees planted in the park, including Somei Yoshino and Yamazakura.


3.Yoyogi Park

The fifth largest park in Tokyo, located in Shibuya.
People are free to enjoy activities such as walking their dogs and having picnics.



Japanese people have a custom of cherry blossom viewing during the cherry blossom season, where people have parties under the cherry trees, enjoying drinks and food while admiring the blossoms.

Additionally, there’s a Japanese proverb “hana yori dango,” which means “dumplings rather than flowers.”
In English, it’s translated as “Bread is better than the songs of birds.”, right?
Some people prefer eating dumplings over enjoying flowers.☺



The cherry blossoms blooming in the city are so beautiful.
In Japan, this is the season of graduation and admission, so it reminds me of my school days.