Vanilla Air, expand payment method on website

From 9th December 2016, Vanilla Air expanded its means of payment for purchasing tickets on the official website and made it possible to use five new credit cards.

In addition to the three kinds of VISA, Master and JCB that we have been able to use, we will be able to pay with four kinds of credit cards, Diners Club Card, Discover, Alipay and UnionPay in the future. By March 2017 American Express (AMEX) is also planned.

It is an official site of Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Vietnam Philippines to be available.

In May 2016, Vanilla Air joined the Value Alliance by LCC 8 companies (Vanilla Air, Scoot, JEJU air, Cebu Pacific Airways, Knock Air, Knock Scoot, Tiger Air Singapore, Tiger Air Australia), and cooperates with a system of the Scoot in November.
The types of credit cards diffused by the country are different, so it is important to deal with these kinds of correspondence.

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