The world’s tallest broadcast tower ”TOKYO SKYTREE”

TOKYO SKYTREE newly built in Tokyo in 2012.
This is the world’s tallest broadcast tower that transmits radio waves such as television.
Sightseeing, commercial facilities and office buildings are located in it.


Tokyo Tower had been responsible for the radio tower in Tokyo, but a new radio tower was needed, and a higher radio tower was built.

The location of the SKYTREE is Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, the nearest station is “Tokyo Sky Tree Station” of Tobu Sky Tree Line and “Oshiage Station” of Hanzomon Line.
It is 20 minutes on foot from Asakusa.


You can go by elevator to the Tenbo deck located 350 meters above the ground.
The fee is 2,100 JPY from 8 am to 9:30 am, and 2,600 JPY from 10 am to 20:30 pm.


You can also walk up to the Tenbo Galleria (450m above the ground).
This fee will be added 1,030 JPY.


The fee is a bit expensive, but the view from the top is beautiful.
You can see Tokyo, so if you want to see it please go to the top.

Around the SKYTREE is a shopping street named Solamachi.
Here are restaurants, souvenir shops, sundries shops and so on.
There is also a delicious belt-conveyor sushi ”Toriton” introduced before, so If you do not mind, please eat.