Scoot ”Fly sale” Mar 10, 2017.

Scoot is holding Fly sale” from March 10, 2017.

・The target route and fare
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Taiwan/Taipei 7,500 JPY〜
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Thailand/Bangkok(Don Mueang) 11,900 JPY〜
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Bangkok or Taipei⇔Singapore 14,000 JPY〜
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Taiwan/Kaohsiung 7,900 JPY〜
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Thailand/Bangkok(Don Mueang) 11,900 JPY〜
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Bangkok or Kaohsiung⇔Singapore 15,500 JPY〜
Hokkaido(Sapporo)⇔Taiwan/Taipei 8,500 JPY〜
Hokkaido(Sapporo)⇔Taiwan/Taipei⇔Singapore 15,000 JPY〜
※One-way price
※A fuel surcharge includes it

Sale period: Mar 10, 2017 at 11:00  a.m. ー Mar 12, 2017 at 11:59  p.m. (JST)
Travel period: Mar 22, 2017 – Oct 28 2017. ※ It varies according to a route

It is the annual 10th day of the month to be held “Fly sale
There is a sale price ticket even from around the end of April to around the beginning of May in the busy season.