New LCC, “Air Seoul” go into service in Japan


From October, 2016, new LCC “Air Seoul” goes into service Japan⇔Seoul Line.
The air soul is LCC established by Korean Asiana Airlines.

The planned route and schedule that go into service,
Kagawa ⇔ Korea / Seoul (Inchon) October 7 service
Shizuoka ⇔ Korea / Seoul (Inchon) October 8 service
Nagasaki ⇔ Korea / Seoul (Inchon) October 18 service
Hiroshima ⇔ Korea / Seoul (Inchon) October 20 service
Yonago ⇔ Korea / Seoul (Inchon) October 23 service
Toyama ⇔ Korea / Seoul (Inchon) October 31 service

The price of airline ticket is one-way around 10,000 JPY now.
※ A fuel surcharge, a tax, rates include it

As for the use airplane of Air Seoul, 195 seats in A321 of Airbus.
It is the body which is slightly longer with seat sequence of 3-3 than A320.

As service, the in-flight meal is charged, but the mineral water is offered free,
check in baggage to 23kg free.

The Air Seoul goes into service on many routes from next month.
This LCC should go into service in the local city where LCC has not yet gone into service.
I seem to be able to expect it.

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