Jetstar ”Super Star Sale” Jan 18, 2018

Jetstar is holding Super Star Sale” from 6 PM on January 18, 2018.
This is the target for all Jetstar Japan routes.

■The target route and price
・Domestic route
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Sapporo 1,990JPY or 4,190JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Osaka(Kansai) 1,990JPY or 3,590JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Takamatsu 1,990JPY or 4,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Matsuyama 1,990JPY or 4,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Fukuoka 1,990JPY or 4,590JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Oita 1,990JPY or 4,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Kumamoto 1,990JPY or 4,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Miyazaki 1,990JPY or 4,490JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Kagoshima 1,990JPY or 4,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Okinawa(Naha) 1,990JPY or 5,690JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Sapporo 1,990JPY or 5,090JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Fukuoka 1,990JPY or 3,690JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Okinawa(Naha) 1,990JPY or 4,690JPY
Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Sapporo 1,990JPY or 4,090JPY
Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Fukuoka 1,990JPY or 4,690JPY
Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Kagoshima 1,990JPY or 4,690JPY
Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Okinawa(Naha) 1,990JPY or 4,690JPY

・International routes
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Australia/Cairns 2,990JPY or 18,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Australia/Gold Coast 2,990JPY or 19,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔China/Shanghai 2,990JPY or 4,490JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Taiwan/Taipei 2,990JPY or 5,990JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Hong Kong 2,990JPY or 5,290JPY
Tokyo(Narita)⇔Philippine/Manila 2,990JPY or 6,990JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Australia/Cairns 2,990JPY or 17,990JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Philippine/Manila 2,990JPY or 5,990JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Taiwan/Taipei 2,990JPY or 4,490JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Hong Kong 2,990JPY or 4,790JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Vietnam/Hanoi 2,990JPY or 4,990JPY
Osaka(Kansai)⇔Vietnam/Danang 2,990JPY or 4,990JPY
Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Taiwan/Taipei 2,990JPY or 3,990JPY
Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Philippine/Manila 2,990JPY or 5,490JPY
Okinawa(Naha)⇔Singapore  2,990JPY or 8,990JPY

※ One-way price
※ Fuel surcharge unnecessary, payment fee and airport fee is necessary

Sale period:Jan 18, 2018 at 18:00 ー Jan 29, 2018 at 18:00 (JST)
Travel period:Apr 3, 2018 ー Oct 26, 2018※It varies according to a route

Jetstar’s BIG sale in 2018 covers many routes.
Especially the Australian line 2,990 JPY ~ is cheap, the first cheapest so far.