Vanilla Air Inflight meal menu

This is Vanilla Air Inflight meal menu.
All the inflight meals are charged a fee.

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・Pasta with 3-Cheese Creamy Sauce and Soft Bread COMBO ¥500
・Pasta with Edamame beans,Salmon and Creamy Sauce ¥500
・Myojo Suona Cup – Soy Sauce ¥350
・Rice Porridge with Grilled Salmon ¥350
・Sōmen Noodle Soup Yuzu Flavor ¥350
・EDAMAME(Green Soybeans) ¥300
・Black Pepper Sausages ¥300
・Smoked Squid “Yawaraka Kunsaki ” ¥350
・Lightly Salted Potato Sticks “Jagabee” ¥250
・Sapporo Curry Sembei ¥250
・Sapporo Okaki Oh! Yakitokibi ¥250

Hot (200¥/each)
•    MAXIM-A Slightly Luxurious Coffee Shop Stick Premium Black
•    Blendy Stick Cocoa Au Lait
•    TEA Heart Stick Tea Aromatic straight
•    Sea Lettuce Miso Soup
•    Onion Consomme Soup
Cold (200¥/each)
•    Mitsuya Cider (300ml)
•    Asahi Fujisan-no Vanadium Tennensui (Mineral water of Mt. Fuji)
•    Asahi Jurokucha (Blended herbal tea)
•    Dole Apple100
•    Dole Orange100
•    Coca-Cola Zero
•    Asahi Super Dry 400¥
•    Lemon taste Nikka Highball(Whisky and soda with Lemon flavor) 400¥
•    LA LA VIN Sparkling Wine(white) 600¥

Hot meal is 650¥~, Cup Noodle is 350¥, Snack is 200¥~,
Drink is 200¥, Beer is 400¥.

It’s the average price as an in-flight meal.