Scoot Aircraft & Seatmap

■Scoot Aircraft
Scoot use Boeing 787 and Airbus 320.
Boeing 787 is a middle-range plane, Airbus 320 is a near- and middle-range plane.



■Scoot Seatmap





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There are two kinds to Boeing787 that Scoot uses.

The seating capacity of 787-8 type is 335 seats, 314 seats of economy class, 21 seats of business class (ScootBiz).
The seating capacity of 787-9 type is 375 seats, 340 seats of economy class, 35 seats of business class (ScootBiz).

A320 has 180 seats, all in an economy class.


■Scoot Seats
・B787 Scootbiz
scootb1The business class called “Scoot Biz” is fully equipped with the power supplies in a spacious seat.


・B787 economy class scoots1
A normal seat ”Standard seat”.


scoots2”Super seat” with the legroom where 30% are wider than a standard seat.


scoots3”Stretch seat” with the legroom where 50% are wider than a standard seat.



A320 have 3-3 arrays.


■Seat Selection FeesScootbiz, which is a business class, includes a seat designated fee for air tickets.
Economy class seat fee depends on route.

It is the Standard seat (normal zone) 560 JPY~, Standard seat (silent zone) 960 JPY~, Front seat 800 JPY~, Super seat 595 JPY~, Stretch seat 945 JPY~.

It does not take charge if you do not do a seat reservation.

* Updated May 2018