Prices of hotel rates in Japan

This is prices of hotel rates in Japan.
I will write an example of a hotel in Tokyo this time.
The hotel rates in Japan are not per room but per capita.
And, it is cheaper for one person to stay at a large number of people.

Of course, the price of the hotel depends on the grade.
As a guide, cheap hotels cost 3,000 JPY per night.
The high hotel will cost tens of thousands of JPY.

The hotel which is tens of thousands of JPY per night is very large, room service is substantial, and it is often in the upper floor.
Because there is a concierge, it responds to many requests.


The most popular hotel in Japan is around 10,000 JPY per night.
The main amenities are complete, the room is reasonably large, and access from the station etc. is also good.


A business hotel is used by those who want to cheap rates.
About 5,000 JPY per night. It is popular among students and young people. The rooms are small, but the bathrooms, desk, etc are gathered compactly, the usability is good.
Perhaps the most popular hotel in recent days.


The cheapest hotel is a group room hotel typified by capsule hotel.
This is about 3,000 JPY per night.
The capsule hotel has evolved in recent years, it is becoming clean and beautiful.

Regardless of the price, Wi-Fi is available for free at any hotel.
This time I wrote Tokyo as an example, but it is not so different throughout Japan.
I think that it is surely comfortable to stay even at a cheap hotel.