Manners when bathing in hot springs

There are some manners when using hot springs.



In the changing room, it is common to fold clothes and put them in a basket, and to put used towels in a special basket provided, but there are other manners as well.



1. Soak in the bathtub after washing your body.

The hot water gets dirty, so you usually bathe in the bath after washing your body.
Your body will be surprised when you first soak in a hot hot spring, so it will help you get used to it.

If you really want to take a bath right away, or if you are taking a bath for the second time or more that day, you should do so after rinsing your body once with the shower or hot water.


2. Rinse the used bucket and chair and return them to their original positions.

Buckets and chairs are provided in the shower area, and after using them, you rinse them off and return them to their original positions.



3. Do not soak towels in hot springs.

Don’t put used towels in the bathtub as they may contaminate the hot water.
When soaking in a hot spring, towels brought into the bathhouse should be folded and placed on your head or outside the bathtub.


4. Do not wash your body in the bathtub.

Hot springs are for soaking and warming your body, and you are not allowed to rub your body.


That’s all.
It’s nothing too special.
I once saw someone swimming in a hot spring, but that was definitely not a good idea.



Hot springs are great because they not only warm your body from the inside, but they also have the effect of improving your health.

Let’s enjoy hot springs(Onsen)! ♨