Jetstar Aircraft & Seatmap

Jetstar uses an A320 and B787.
Japanese domestic flight and Asian flight uses A320,Australian flight uses B787.


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・A320 Seatmap


The seating capacity of A320 of the Jetstar is 180 seats,
There are three kinds of seat types.
Standard seat, Upfront seat, Extra legroom seat.

Standard seat is normal seats.
Upfront seat is a forward seat to the fifth row except the left front row.
Extra legroom seat is the left front row and 12,13 row. It is the seat where the space of the legroom becomes wider 20 centimeters than a Standard seat.

・B787 Seatmap


The seating capacity of B787 of the Jetstar is 335 seats,
Economy class 314 seats, Business class 21 seats.
The front third row in the plane is business class.

Each seat charge varies according to a route.
※ When you don’t do a seat reservation, it doesn’t require the charge.