Japanese hotel toiletries

Hotel toiletries differ depending on the country.



Compared to other countries, I think Japanese hotels have more toiletries.
Of course, this varies by hotel, but the following are generally available.


– Toothbrush
– Razor
– Comb
– Cotton
– Cotton swab
– Hair tie
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Body Soap
– Hand soap
– Hand towel
– Face towel
– Bath towel
– Nightwear
– Slipper
– Tea or Coffee


Disposable items are generally allowed to be taken home.
Nowadays, some hotels have them available at the front desk, and you can choose one from there and take it to your room.


Other amenities include TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, air purifier, hair dryer, electronic toilet, electric kettle, hand mirror, full-length mirror, safety-deposit box, hangers, cups, Wi-Fi, etc.


On the other hand, bottled mineral water is often not provided.
This is because the water in the bathroom is drinkable.
There are vending machines where you can purchase soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.