Deep Tokyo #Shibuya #Izakaya

Shibuya in the city of young people in Tokyo. Many buildings line up, recently the well-known companies and hotels have moved the base here. In such a situation, old Izakaya street exist.


The name of the Izakaya streets is “Nonbei Yokocho”.
It was established about 70 years ago from now and has been operated continuously until now.


The location is very close to Shibuya station.
There are small shops standing narrowly along the railroad tracks.


There are 36 shops in “Nonbei Yokocho”.
Many of them are Japanese food shops such as Yakitori, oden, but there are Western shops such as bars and French.


It is very interesting that such an old cityscape remains in a modern city.
Contrast is very impressive.



The opening time of the many shops is from 17 to 23 o’clock.
Number of seats 6 to 7 people.
The average unit price is 3,000 JPY.
Closed on Sundays.

It is a small shop, but please take courage and enter.
A shop owner welcomes with a smiling face surely.

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