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    ■Scoot Aircraft Scoot use Boeing 787 and Airbus 320. Boeing 787 is a middle-range plane, Airbus 320 is a near- and middle-range plane. ・B787   ■Scoot Seatmap ・B787-8 ・B787-9 ・A320 <via=Seat Guru>  There are two kinds to Boeing787 that Scoot uses. The seating capacity of 787-8 type is 335 seats, 314 seats of economy class, 21 seats of business class (ScootBiz). The seating capacity of 787-9 type is 375 seats, 340 seats of economy class, 35 seats of business class (ScootBiz). A320 has 180 seats, all in an economy class.   ■Scoot Seats ・B787 Scootbiz The business class called “Scoot Biz” is fully equipped with the power supplies in a spacious […]