Air Seoul ” KOREA GRAND SALE” Jan 24, 2017

Air Seoul is holding KOREA GRAND SALE” from January 24, 2017.

・The target route and fare
Takamatsu⇔Korea/Seoul(Incheon) 9,000 JPY〜
Shizuoka⇔Korea/Seoul(Incheon) 9,000 JPY〜
Ube⇔Korea/Seoul(Incheon) 6,000 JPY〜
Yonago⇔Korea/Seoul(Incheon) 11,000 JPY〜

Hiroshima⇔Korea/Seoul(Incheon) 5,000 JPY〜
Nagasaki⇔Korea/Seoul(Incheon) 8,000 JPY〜
※One-way price
※A fuel surcharge includes it, and an airport tax includes it

Sale period: Jan 24, 2017 – Feb 28, 2017
Travel period: Feb 1, 2017 – Mar 25, 2017

Hiroshima and Ube route is particularly cheap.
Korea Grand Sale is Korea’s largest sightseeing festival to be held throughout Korea, companies in various fields such as culture, sightseeing and shopping participate.
This year is held from 20th January to 28th February, it is a sale of Air Seoul according to it.

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