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    Thisi is the time required of each route ■Japan Domestic Flights ※One-way Tokyo(Narita)⇔Sapporo:One hour 30 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Osaka(Kansai):One hour 30 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Takamatsu:One hour 30 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Hiroshima:One hour 30 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Fukuoka:Two hours Tokyo(Narita)⇔Oita:One hour 50 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Miyazaki:Two hours Tokyo(Narita)⇔Kumamoto:One hour 50 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Saga:One hour 50 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Kagoshima:Two hours Tokyo(Narita)⇔Amami Oshima:Two hours 30 minutes Tokyo(Narita)⇔Okinawa(Naha):Three hours Osaka(Kansai)⇔Sapporo:Two hours Osaka(Kansai)⇔Hakodate:One hour 50 minutes Osaka(Kansai)⇔Sendai:One hour 20 minutes Osaka(Kansai)⇔Matsuyama:One hour Osaka(Kansai)⇔Fukuoka:One hour 10 minutes Osaka(Kansai)⇔Nagasaki:One hour 15 minutes Osaka(Kansai)⇔Miyazaki:One hour 5 minutes Osaka(Kansai)⇔Kagoshima:One hour 10 minutes Osaka(Kansai)⇔Amami Oshima:One hours 30 minutes Osaka(Kansai)⇔Okinawa(Naha):Two hours Osaka(Kansai)⇔Ishigaki:Two hour 30 minutes Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Sapporo:One hour 50 minutes Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Fukuoka:One hour 25 minutes Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Kagoshima:One hour 20 minutes Nagoya(Chubu)⇔Okinawa(Naha):Two hours 15 minutes Sapporo⇔Sendai:One hour […]