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  • AirAsia Aircraft & Seatmap

    ■AirAsia Aircraft AirAsia use AIRBUS A320 and A330 for Japanese routes. Japan International flightsroute uses A330, Japan domestic flights uses A320. ・A320 ・A330   ■AirAsia Seatmap ・A320 The seating capacity of A320 is 180 seats, and two kinds of seat types are prepared for. Hot Seat, Standard seat Hot Seat is the first to board the plane when you pre-book. Each Hot Seat comes with 29” seat pitch and 16-17” seat width. You can even stretch out with 20.3” of legroom on rows 1, 12, and 14. Standard seat is the other normal seat.With 28” seat pitch and 16-17” Note: Seats on row 11, 12 & 31 (A320 Aircraft) are […]